Vol. 1 Water Control

and River Biographies

Tvedt, Terje, and Eva Jakobsson (eds)

I.B. Tauris, 2006

Introduction: Water History is World History
Terje Tvedt & Eva Jakobsson

If quoting this article: Tvedt, Terje and Eva Jakobsson, Water history is world history, in Tvedt, Terje and Eva Jakobsson (eds), History of Water, Water Control and River Biographies, Series I, vol. I (series editor Teje Tvedt), London and New York; IB Tauris.

Seizing Favours from Nature: The Rise and Fall of Siberian River Diversion
David F. Duke

The World’s Largest Contiguous Irrigation System: Developments, Successes and Challenges of the Indus Irrigation System in Pakistan
Muhammad Akram Kahlown, A. D. Khan, Muhammad Azam

Of Plumes, Modules and Barrels: The Failure of Irrigation Institutions and Technologies to Achieve Equitable Water Control in the Indus Basin
Gerardo van Halsema & Linden Vincent

Controlling the Waters in Twentieth-century China: the Nationalist State and the Huai River
David Pietz

The Chinese Way of Harnessing Rivers: The Yangtze River
Florence Padovani

Water Control and Agricultural Development: Crafting Deltaic Environments in South-East Asia
François Molle & Dao The Tuân

Environmental Risk in Water Resources Management in the Mekong Delta: A Multi-scale Analysis
Fiona Miller

Living with Water: Bangladesh Since Ancient Times
Ahmed Kamal

The History of the Tama River: Social Reconstructions
Marion William Steele

‘Seeing Like the Prussian State’: Re-engineering the Rivers of Rhineland and Westphalia
Mark Cioc
, Professor of History

The River has Recorded the Story, Living with the Hawkesbury River, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Bruce Simmons & Jennifer Scott

Poverty, Water and Environmental Degradation: the Langat River Basin, Malaysia
Chamhuri Siwar & Shaharudin Idrus

Water and Wastes in Medieval London
R. J. Magnusson

Critical Decisions in Pittsburgh Water and Wastewater Management
Joel A. Tarr & Terry Josie

Water, Modernity and the Demise of the Bacteriological City
Matthew Gandy

Socio-economic Implications of Water Supply in Nigerian Urban Centres: The Case of Ibadan
Ibidun Onikepo Adelekan

The Political Ecology of Water Supply in Chennai, South India
Eberhard Weber

Keeping Running Water Clean: Mining and Pollution in Preindustrial Japan
Patricia Sippel

Management of Wetlands in Relation to River Basins – a Study from South West India
E. J. James

Public Water Supply in Guernsey, Channel Islands: Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Ownership and Control in an Island Setting
Vince Gardiner 

The Mfongo Irrigation Systems on the Slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Mattias Tagseth

Alkalinity, Salinity and California Irrigation: The Role of Eugene Woldemar Hilgard
W. E. Pittman

The Rescue of English Coastal Waters and the Role of Environmental Pressure Groups
John Hassan

Management of the Mekong River Basin: Contesting its Sustainability from a Communication Perspective
Malee Lang

The Bío–Bío Project and the Mapuche-Pehuenche People of Chile
Ingeborg Norbø

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