Vol. 3 Water and Geopolitics

In the New World Order

Tvedt, Terje, Graham Chapman and Roar Hagen (eds)

I.B. Tauris, 2011

Water, Geopolitics and Collective Power in the New World Order
Terje Tvedt
, Graham Chapman, Roar Hagen

If quoting this article: Tvedt, Terje; Graham Chapman & Roar Hagen, Water, Geopolitics and Collective Power in the New World Order, in Terje Tvedt, Graham Chapman, Roar Hagen (eds), Water and Geopolitics in the New World Order, Series II, vol. III (series editor Teje Tvedt), London and New York; IB Tauris.

You Can’t Get There from Here: Theoretic Puzzles of Collective Action
John Waterbury

Environmental Geopolitics and Hydro-Hegemony: The Case of Palestine and Israel
Mark Zeitoun

Water: A Source of Wars or a Pathway to Peace? An Empirical Critique of Two Dominant Schools of Thought on Water and International Politics
Terje Tvedt

Aquatic Warfare in Historic China
Ralph Sawyer

Water in Medieval Warfare
Helen J. Nicholson

The Peace of Westphalia and the Water Question: A Perspective for the Benefit of the Other
Pierre Beaudry

‘Drawn by Blind Greed’: The Historical Origins of Criticism Regarding the Destruction of the Amazon River’s Natural Resources
José Augusto Pádua

Water and the Partitioning of Southern Africa: The British Presence on the Shire River from the 1850s to 1900
Dean Kampanje

Continental Divide: The Issue of Freshwater in Canada–USA Relations
Frank Quinn

The Water Framework Directive: Redesigning the Map of Europe?
Duncan Liefferink
, Mark A. Wiering, Pieter Leroy

The Trans-boundary Rivers on the Iberian Peninsula and the Water Management Regime between Spain and Portugal
Jos Timmerman

The Strategic and Political Use of Potential Climate Change in Conflict: The Case of Somalia
Peter Haldén

The Highlands: A Shared Water Tower in a Changing Climate and Changing Asia
Jianchu Xu

Space, Identity and Water: South Asia’s North-East and the Brahmaputra
Graham Chapman

From Damming Rivers to Linking Waters: the Beginning of the End of Supply-Side Hydrology in India?
Rohan D’Souza

Critical Hydropolitics in the Indus Basin
Daanish Mustafa

The Geopolitics of Water in the Middle East: Turkey as a Regional Power
Marwa Daoudy

Shared Water and Changing Geopolitics and Power in Central Asia
Zainiddin Karaev

Geopolitics of Groundwater
Todd Jarvis

International Law and Moderations of Physical Geography: The Nile Setting
Tadesse Kassa

Global Institutions and Water Governance
Ruth Langridge

A History of Water
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