Vol. 2 Rivers and Society

From the Birth of Agriculture to Modern Times

Tvedt, Terje, and Richard Coopey (eds)

I.B. Tauris, 2010

A ‘Water Systems’ Perspective on History
Terje Tvedt & Richard Coopey

If quoting this article: Tvedt, Terje and Richard Coopey, A ‘Water Systems’ Perspective on History, in Tvedt, Terje and Richard Coopey (eds), Rivers and Society From the Birth of Agriculture to Modern Times, Series II, vol. II (series editor Teje Tvedt), London and New York; IB Tauris.

The Indus Civilization and Riverine History in North-Western India and Pakistan
Gregory L. Possehl

The Development of the River Nile and the Egyptian Civilization: A Water Historical Perspective with Focus on the First Intermediate Period
Judith Bunbury

Osiris and the Egyptian Civilisation of Inundation: The Pyramids, the Pharaohs and their Water World
Terje Oestigaard,

The Maya Collapse: Water, Drought and Volcanoes
Richardson B. Gill

The Mekong River System and the End of the Angkor Civilization: A Water Historical Perspective
Dan Penny

The Historical Evolution and Anthropogenic Influences on the Yellow River from Ancient to Modern Times
Qiang Zhang, Chong-Yu Xu, Tao Yang, Zhen-Chun Hao

Elemental Resources and Aquatic Ecosystems: Medieval Europeans and their Rivers
Richard C. Hoffmann

Nile River Flows and Political Order in Ottoman Egypt
Fred H. Lawson

Lesser Man-Made Rivers: The Afl¯aj of Oman and Traditional Timing of Water Shares 221
Harriet Nash

Water Control in the Netherlands with a Focus on the Period 1750–1900
Jacobus J. de Vries

Changing Societies produce Changing Rivers: Managing the Rhine in Germany and Holland in a Changing Environment, 1770–1850
Antoon Bosch

Changing River Regimes on the Kanto Plain, Japan, 1600–1900 287
Roderick Wilson

Water and the British Take-Over of India
Graham Chapman

The Neva as a Metropolitan River of Russia: Environment, Economy and Culture
Alexei Kraikovski & Julia Lajus

A Historic Survey of the Danube Catchment: From Classical Civilization to the End of the 19th Century
Miklós Domokos

The Severn 1750–1850: Nature, Power and Rationalisation
Richard Coopey

The History of Flowing Water Policy in Sweden: From Natural Flow to Industrialized Rivers
Eva Jakobsson

The Hydraulic Paradigm and Production of a New Geography in Spain: Origins and Historical Evolution between the Sixteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Leandro del Moral

Venetian Rivers after the Fall of the Republic: French and Austrian Hydrology and the Venetian Heritage (Eighteenth–Nineteenth Century)
Salvatore Ciriacono

Exploitation and Innovation along the Lower Mississippi, 1750–1900
Martin Reuss

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