Vol. 2 The Political Economy of Water

Coopey, Richard and Terje Tvedt (eds)

I.B. Tauris, 2006

Introduction: Water as a Unique Commodity
Richard Coopey
& Terje Tvedt

The Pipe-Bound City in Time and Space: Applying GIS to the Historical Development of Two Cities
Jonas Hallstrom & Tina Schmid Neset

Inequities in Urban Water Supply in India: Municipalities in Andhra Pradesh
C. Ramachandraiah

Social Movements and Conflict over Water in Mexico
Patricia Avila

Inequality and Social Exclusion: Access to Drinking Water in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Carmen Ledo

Wittfogel and Hydraulic Despotism
Neville Brown

Reshaping the ‘Political’: The Nile Waters of the Sudan
Mahmoud EI Zain

Water Resource Administration and Racial Inequality in South West Mrica
Joshua B. Forrest

British Colonial Water Legislation in Mandatory Palestine
Kristin Gaarde

A Retreat from Centralised Water Management? The Israeli Case
Eran Feitelson

Market-Oriented Sustainable Water Resource Management m China
Xiannqiang Mao

Water and the Transformation of Agriculture in Bulgaria
lliya lliev
& Margarita llieva

Irrigation and State Formation in Ancient Korea
Bong W. Kang

Water and Development in Cambodia: A Historical Perspective
Sarthi Acharya & Chan Sophal

Gender, Poverty and Water in Pakistan
Maliha Khan-Tirmizi

The Nile as a Legal and Political Structure
Joseph Dellapenna

Nile Basin Co-operation: Prospects for the Twenty-First Century
Yacob Arsano

Transboundary Water Resources: Mexico, the USA and the 1944 Water Treaty
Blanca Sanchez

Developing Lesotho’s Water Resources: The Lesotho Highlands Water Scheme
Motlatsi Thabane

Great Lakes Fisheries: international Response to their Decline and the Lamprey/Alewife Invasion
Philip Scarpino

Energy and Environmental Security: The Syr Darya Crisis of Central Asia
Keely Lange

Fish vs. Power: Salmon, Science and Society on the Fraser River
Matthew Evenden

Water Quality as Property: Industrial Water Pollution and Riparian Law in Nineteenth-Century USA
Jouni Paavola

Regimes, Regulations and Rights: Urban Water Use in the Kathmandu Valley
Amreeta Regmi

Water as Property in the American West
Mark Griffin Smith
& R. B. Naeser

Changing Water Rights in Mexico: Local Availability and the Reallocation of Groundwater Rights
Gro Volckmar Dyrnes
& Boris Marañón-Pimentel

My Land, My Water, Your Problem: Co-dynamic Processes and the Development of Appropriate Water Policy Tools
Bruce Jefferson
, Paul Jeffrey, Mark Lemon

A History of Water
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