Vol 1 Water and Urbanization

Tvedt, Terje, and Terje Oestigaard (eds)

I.B. Tauris, 2014

Introduction. Urban Water Systems – A Coceptual Framework
Terje Tvedt and Terje Oestigaard

Part I The First Cities, Their Localization and Structure

Aside the Spring: Tell Es-Sultan/Ancient Jericho: The Tale of an Early City and Water Control in Ancient Palestine
Lorenzo Nigro

Mohenjo-Daro, Indus Valley Civilization: Water Supply and Water Use in One of the Largest Bronze Age Cities of the Third Millennium bc
Michael Jansen

Xi’an: Water Management and the Development of City Planning in History
Xiaochang C. Wang and Rong Chen

Phoenician Cities and Water: The Role of the Sacred Sources in the Urban Development of Motya, Western Sicily
Federica Spagnoli

Waters at Babylon
Olof Pedersén

Water Control in Ancient Greek Cities
Demetris Koutsoyiannis and Anna Patrikiou

Plumbing Ancient Rome
Katherine Rinne

Part II Different Water Systems and Urban Developments Through History

Aksum: Water and Urbanization in Northern Ethiopia
Federica Sulas

Machu Picchu: Water Engineering in the Mountains
Kenneth R. Wright

The Water Supply of Byzantine and Ottoman Constantinople
James Crow

Water Management in a Maritime Culture: The Swahili Coast of East Africa
Stephanie Wynne-Jones and Jeffrey Fleisher

Holy Wells, Hot Springs, and Royal Baths: Water and Sociocultural Developments in Medieval and Post-Medieval Ethiopia c.ad 700–1900
Niall Finneran

An Urban Structure Along the Sacred Waters of the Ganges in Varanasi
Savitri Jalais

Damascus: The Death of the Garden of Eden
Francesca de ChĂątel

An Environmental History of the Viennese Sanitation System—From Roman to Modern Times
Michael Neundlinger, Sylvia Gierlinger, Gudrun Pollack, and Fridolin Krausmann

Part III The Growth of the Modern City

New York: Water Management and Metropolitan Development
Betsy McCully

Paris: A History of Water, Sewers, and Urban Development
Sabine Barles and André Guillerme

Creating the Urban Hydraulic Machine: Water, Technology, and the Building of Boston
Michael J. Rawson

Manchester: Canals and the Development of the City During the Industrial Revolution
Peter Maw

Houston’s Public Sinks: Water and Waste Water Services in the “Energy Capital” of the World
Martin V. Melosi

Bergen: Water and Sewage in the Rainy City
Morten Hammerborg and Martin Byrkjeland

History of Water and Sanitation Services in the Urban–Rural Context—The Case of the City of Tampere, Finland
Tapio S. Katko and Petri S. Juuti

A History of Los Angeles’ Water Supply: Towards Reimagining the Los Angeles River
Irene J. Klaver and J. Aaron Frith

Dar es Salaam: The Development of Water Supply and Sewage Systems
Marianne Kjellén and Alphonce Kyessi

Rotterdam Dynamic Polder and Harbor City, Fransje L. Hooimeijer and Han Meyer, 26 Regulating Discretion: Privatization of Manila’s Water Supply
Leong Ching and Xun Wu

Part IV Urbanism and the Water Illusion

Mexico City: A Tale of Water Development, its Values, and Challenges
Patricia Romero-Lankao and Daniel M. Gnatz

The Singapore Water Story Re-Examined
Eduardo Araral and Leong Ching

Las Vegas: A City Gambling With Water
Leah J. Wilds

A History of Water
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