Vol 3 Water and Food

From hunter-gatherers to global production in Africa

Tvedt, Terje, and Terje Oestigaard (eds.)

I.B. Tauris, 2015

Approaches to African Food Production in a Water Society Systems Perspective
Terje Tvedt & Terje Oestigaard

Part 1: Water and Early Food Regimes

Semi-permanent foragers in North and West Africa – An archaeological perspective
Elena A.A. Garcea

Origin of domestication and aquatic adaptation – the Nile valley in comparative perspective
Randi Håland

How did the Nile water system impact swine husbandry practices in ancient Egypt?
Louise Bertini

A breadbasket, mais encore? The socio-economics of food production in the Nile Delta from Antiquity onwards
Katherine Blouin

Water, migration and settlement in the southern African Iron Age
Johann Tempelhoff

Part 2: Water Control and Irrigation

The Nile and Food in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire
Alan Mikhail

Do Not Imagine that Every Cloud will Bring Rain: A History of Irrigation on Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Matthew Bender

Water and rural-urban relations in the Maghreb
Brock Cutler

Colonial and post-colonial irrigation efforts in the Office du Niger, Inner Delta of the Niger, 1900-2000
Maurits W. Ertsen

Water and agricultures in the Niger basin through the 20th century
Andrew Ogilvie, Jean Charles Clanet, Georges Serpantié & Jacques Lemoalle

Part 3: Agro-Water Variability and Adaptation

The lake, bananas and ritual power in Buganda
Andrew Reid

Dying Cows Due to Climate Change? Drought can never finish the Maasai cattle, only the human mouth can (Maasai saying)
Marcel Rutten

Rainfed agriculture, drought and hunger in Tanzania
Terje Oestigaard

Water and food systems in the Congo rainforest
Raphael Tshimanga

Managing the Commons with Floods: The role of institutions and power relations for water governance and food resilience in African Floodplains
Tobias Haller

Water, labour and politics: Land-use dynamics along the Niger river in Mali
Tor Benjaminsen

Fishers, herders and rice-farmers communities of the Inner Niger Delta facing the huge challenge of adaptation to weakened floods
Pierre Morand, Famory Sinaba & Awa Niang-Fall

Part 4: Contemporary Water and Food Regimes

“Where there is water there is fish” – Small-scale inland fisheries in Africa: dynamics and importance
Jeppe Kolding and Paul van Zwieten

Climate Change adaptation strategies and Food Security. A case of the Chewa People in Central Malawi
Jessica Kampanje-Phiri and Dean Kampanje-Phiri

Land and water for drug – cash for food: Khat Production and Food Security in Ethiopia
Gessesse Dessie

Emerging water frontiers in large-scale land acquisitions and implications for food security in Africa
Atakilte Beyene and Emil Sandström

Part 5: The Hidden Waters of Africa

The hidden waters: African mega-aquifers
Fridtjov Ruden

A History of Water
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