Vol. 3 The World of Water

Tvedt, Terje, and Terje Oestigaard (eds)

I.B. Tauris, 2006

Terje Tvedt & Terje Oestigaard

If quoting this article: Tvedt, Terje and Terje Oestigaard, Introduction, in Tvedt, Terje and Terje Oestigaard (eds), History of Water, The World of Water, Series I, vol. III (series editor Teje Tvedt), London and New York; IB Tauris.

Water in the Age of Imperialism – and Beyond
Donald Worster

From Sacred Ownership to Colonial Commons: Water Tenure Systems in Central Africa
David Gordon

Changing Narratives of Water Control in Hawai’i
Kate A. Berry

‘Indigenous People Participation’: Conflict in Water Use in an African Mining Economy
Fenda Aminata Akiwumi

Powering the Nation: A Social History of Hydro-electricity in Ireland
Mark Maguire

Water as a Symbol of Power: The Hydraulic System of Gôlkonda, Hyderabad
Wong Yunn Chii & V. Kallianpur

Water, Hindu Mythology and an Unequal Social Order in India
Deepa Joshi & Ben Fawcett

Unity and Abstraction: Ethics and Modernity in the Riverine Technology of the American New Deal
Brian Black

An Evolutionary History of Water Rights in South Africa
D. D. Tewari

Early Developments in Groundwater Research in the Netherlands: A Societally Driven Science
Jacobus J. de Vries

River Works in Famine Ireland
J. C. I. Dooge

Rivers as Text: From Pre-modern to Post-modern Understandings of Development, Technology and the Environment in Canada and Abroad
J. L. Manore

Constructing a Myth of Purity: The Marketing of Welsh Water
Owen Roberts

‘Seeing is Believing’: Perceptions of Safe Water in Rural Yoruba
Eva-Marita Rinne

‘Of Frogs’ Eyes and Cows’ Drinking Water’: Water and Folklore in Western Kenya
Vicky Khasandi-Telewa

‘The Waterside Dwellers Sleep Thirsting’: Cultural Interpretations of Water in a Rural Community
Fibian Lukalo

The Pastoral, the Monumental and What Lies In-between: Images of Dams and the Riparian Landscape
D. C. Jackson

Water Images in Latin American Cinema: The Films of Fernando Solanas
Alvaro Ramirez
Jon Askeland

A Christian Perspective on Water and Water Rights
Adrian Armstrong & Margaret Armstrong

River Cult and Water Management Practices in Ancient India
Joisea Joseph Kodiyanplakkal

Science in the Social Sphere: Weather Modification and Public Response
Steve Matthewman

River and Rain: Life-giving Waters in Nepalese Death Rituals
Terje Oestigaard

‘The Wealth of These Nations’: Rain, Rulers and Religion on the Cuvelai Floodplain
Meredith McKittrick

The Lozi Flood Tradition
Charles Namafe

A History of Water
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